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Few months ago I happened upon Mimi Thorisson’s amazing food blog called Manger and have been sucked into her beautiful life ever since. Mimi, her husband Oddur, their four kids and 19 dogs live in a picturesque country estate in Médoc, France. I couldn’t help but fell in love with the photographs of her exquisitely beautiful dishes set against carerra and antique china, her darling children and cute little dogs. Her blog is one of my favorite food blogs. Recently she revealed her new logo and updated her blog. And I absolutely love it! The new logo is so beautiful. Inspired by a beautiful ceiling wreath from a nearby château in ruins discovered by Mimi. It features lovely florals and the profile of her beloved fox terrier. And no wonder I fell in love with it. The new logo and icons were illustrated by the wonderfully talented Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co! I’ve been a fan of Anna’s work for ages. Isn’t this lovely?


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