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I was hanging out on Pinterest the other day looking for ideas for Easter decorating and got inspired by the pretty sugar cookies out there. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE pretty inspirations and just had to make them right then. I was surprised how easy they are to make! The frosting was a challenge and definitely needs some improvement but overall I think they look decent for a first timer. We took them to the Easter party and they were such a hit. I’ll be making them again and will share the recipe once I get it perfected.

So, here they are, my first ever Sugar Cookies!

Pastel sugar cookies with Royal IcingPastel sugar cookies for Easter

I’m obsessed with making soups – they are so easy to make. And for me, there is nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup! I love taking advantage of seasonal ingredients, some of my winter favorites are butternut squash, chanterelles, potatoes and asparagus. I really enjoy chunky soups and I always crave chowders. Unfortunately I’ve had some oral sugery done earlier this week and liquid diet is on the menu for the next few days. I’ve been looking for some simple, creamy soup recipes and here are few delicious looking ones found on Pinterest. Yummy…

White Winter Soup via  //  Carrot & Parsnip Soup via  // Butternut Squash, Celeriac, Parsnip & Apple Soup via  // Sweet Potato Puree Sweet Paul Magazine

This past weekend we took a day trip to the Hood Canal to spent the last sunny weekend outdoors. Hood Canal
is only 20 miles west of Seattle, however getting there from the Seattle area takes a couple of hours as you have to take a ferry. Of course, our day got thrown off as we missed it (we just assumed it wouldn’t be busy on
a off-season weekend) and missed the low tide. Instead of enjoying fresh oysters on the beach our children and
us spent the morning gathering shells and looking for crabs. We visited one of Luke’s clients who lives in the area and had fun running around and enjoying the fruit in his garden. Don was very generous to send some with us and we came home with bags full of the sweetest plums, pears, raspberries and strawberries. It’s probably no secret now that I really enjoy home canning. I rolled up the sleeves and got to work on making the most delightful plum jam or powidła (in polish.) This jam, so deliciously European, is my my favorite – naturally sweet and so aromathic! I knew, before I even made the jam, that I wanted to dressed them up with custom labels.

I calligraphed these labels with black ink on a heavy cotton paper and glued to the jar with a double stick tape.
I couldn’t help but add cute little branches with plums illustrations and some swirly doodles. I love how easy they’re done with a good calligraphy pen and nib. I’m so pleased with the results, in both aesthetics and taste! Yeah, I could eat this plum jam by the spoonful…



Few months ago I happened upon Mimi Thorisson’s amazing food blog called Manger and have been sucked into her beautiful life ever since. Mimi, her husband Oddur, their four kids and 19 dogs live in a picturesque country estate in Médoc, France. I couldn’t help but fell in love with the photographs of her exquisitely beautiful dishes set against carerra and antique china, her darling children and cute little dogs. Her blog is one of my favorite food blogs. Recently she revealed her new logo and updated her blog. And I absolutely love it! The new logo is so beautiful. Inspired by a beautiful ceiling wreath from a nearby château in ruins discovered by Mimi. It features lovely florals and the profile of her beloved fox terrier. And no wonder I fell in love with it. The new logo and icons were illustrated by the wonderfully talented Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co! I’ve been a fan of Anna’s work for ages. Isn’t this lovely?


MimiThorisson MimiThorissonsblogManger

I have been an avid follower of Katie Quinn Davies’ hugely successful blog What Katie Ate for some time and was counting down the days until this book’s release. Katie is a photographer, food stylist, graphic designer, recipe-writer and her debut cookbook is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I’ve seen. It’s really a feast for the eyes! If you are looking for a visually stunning cookbook that is filled with mouthwatering recipes, then look no further! Katie herself designed it and styled and shot every photo in the book. I admire her style of photography and food styling, rustic yet polished, and incredibly inviting. Besides, this amazing book is packed with recipes I actually want to make. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves food and food photography, and I think it would make the perfect gift for all foodies.WhatKatieAteCookbook WhatKatieAteCookbookReview

Kinfolk Dinner Series first dinner in portland oregon

I have been inspired by Kinfolk’s enviable posts and publications for quite some time now. Naturally I’m loving their dinner series tour. Their first series event was held in Portland, Oregon. The folks at Kinfolk partnered with some great local businesses and looks like the event was exceptional.