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I’m a bit behind on this update but wanted you to know that the newest line of my holiday cards is available at HelloPrints.com.pl. If you/or anyone you know needs a card in polish please head over to the websiteHolidayCardsForHelloPrints.pl

I have decided to enter another Minted.com challenge. I have designed four designs for The Happy New Year’s Cards Challenge. Pretty weird to be designing for winter holidays in the Summer but somehow I’ve put myself in the mood. Christmas music on and voila! There is 584 submission for this challenge, so keeping my fingers crossed. Please help me out and cast your vote! If you rate 50+ designs in the challenge, you will get 10% off your next Minted order. I appreciate all the help & support!

Elegant And Sparkly Minted By Iwona K
Elegant And Sparkly New Year’s Cards

Simple Frame Minted By Iwona K
Simple Frame New Year’s Cards

Spelled Out Minted By Iwona K
Spelled Out New Year’s Cards

Words Minted By Iwona K
Words New Year’s Cards