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Our Holiday Cards 2013 watercolor calligraphy

Our Holiday Cards 2013 envelope calligraphy


Our Holiday Cards 2013 watercolor calligraphy closeup

Time to send out our holiday cards! Our holiday cards arrived from the print shop today and I couldn’t be more excited! I have already addressed all the envelopes and all I have to do now is write few wishes on the back side, seal the envelopes and make a trip to the post office. For the record, this has never happened before. I am usually so late that our cards arrive between Christmas and New Year.

This year, I kept the design simple with few favorite pictures our family (pup included) and my watercolor calligraphy. I also hand addressed all envelopes, practicing my calligraphy. The biggest challenge was the sparkly paper which makes the ink bleed with too much pressure. But they turned out pretty enough to send.

I’m a bit behind on this update but wanted you to know that the newest line of my holiday cards is available at HelloPrints.com.pl. If you/or anyone you know needs a card in polish please head over to the websiteHolidayCardsForHelloPrints.pl

A few weeks ago, Minted launched it’s amazing line of holiday cards. I am super excited to have two of my designs included in the latest collection of Happy New Year’s Cards for 2013. Check them out here, they are now available at Minted.com. They’re super cute! Send your loved ones unique cards this holiday season.

Simple Frame is available in four colorways, three alternate greetings (New Year, Holiday or Christmas) and
fabulous variety of die cut shapes.

Simple Frame New Years Cards For Minted design Iwona K

Simple Frame New Years-Cards-For Minted design Iwona K

Elegant and Sparkly New Year’s Photo Card is available in three color options and a variety of die cut shapes.

Elegant And Sparkly New Years Cards For Minted designed By Iwona K

Elegant And Sparkly New Years Cards For Minted designed By Iwona K


Our holiday cards arrived this week, and I couldn’t be more excited! Each year I design our cards and this year was no exception. I originally wanted a simple one-photo holiday card as I feel that reflects the personality and lifestyle of a family but I couldn’t decide which image is best. I guess we had way too much fun last year! Multi picture layout was the necessary solution.

I designed a clean front with holiday message typed in a calligraphy font and added multiple photos on the back of the card. I like that I was able to choose a few favorite photos… Last year, our extended family and friends were excited to see what we have been up to over the previous year and we wanted to tell a lot of stories with our card this year too. Our cards were printed on a heavy white cotton stock and matched with a red envelopes lined with a stripey liner. Happy Holidays!

HappiestHolidaysCard_IwonaK HolidayCardsWithPhotos_IwonaK


Each year I plan to have my Christmas cards designed and printed early. And then life happens and they are always sent late. I am a graphic designer and design should be easy, yet it is always so much work. I usually have a hard time settling on the right design (let’s not even mention picking photos) and then, well the addressing of all those envelopes takes forever too. This year the biggest challenge was not designing but taking the photos of our little ones. We finally brought them home a day before Thanksgiving and life has been a whirlwind since. Due to their fragile conditions and our crazy and unpredictable schedule, we were unable to have a photographer to come to our house to take our family pictures. I was left with the job of capturing our precious babies. And it was a challenge. Babies tend to fuss and stretch out and don’t like being confined. After taking hundreds of photos we finally chose one that had both of them looking into the camera.


This year’s card was extra special because it was also Jakob and Izzy’s birth announcement! Originally I wanted to send out two separate cards, but there is no way I could have made that happen. This year our card will double as a Christmas card and baby announcement. And I am totally ok with that. Why not to celebrate the season as well as our bundles of joy. I am so happy with the way those cards turned out! Merry Christmas!