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Iwona K com Business Cards

Wooohoo! My new letterpress business cards are finally here! And I absolutely love them! However, I have to
admit, designing them hasn’t been easy. As most designers can attest branding yourself is difficult. I love minimal
and clean design so I knew from the start that my logo and branding would have to reflect that. Keeping the design simple proofed to be difficult. I wanted to keep my branding in black & white but feared it’ll be dull and ordinary.

After a month trying to figure out what I want my brand to look like, and what I want my clients to feel about me and my work, I’ve got up the nerve to narrow down the design and sent my business cards off to be printed.
I knew my business cards would be letterpress and I wanted them to stand out and leave an impression. So I went with black letterpress text and added a bit of a wow factor by painting the edges in bright pink. I love how they turned out! They’re elegant yet cheerful and definitely eye-catching! I’m thrilled to have them in-hands, and I love seeing people stroke them….

Photography: Rachel Nickel

Letterpress wedding invitations from Perky Bros

I’ve been admiring those beautiful invitations from Nashville-based creative studio, Perky Bros. The groom, Jefferson Perky of Perky Bros., designed these whimsical, yet elegant invitation set complete with custom lettering (aren’t the beautiful swashes of the Adobe Caslon Italic amazing) and natural wood elements and had them letterpressed by Studio On Fire. I love the cool monochromatic color palette and the whimsical, sophisticated yet organic feel of those invitations. Just gorgeous!

To find out more about the printing process and see behind the scene visit Studio on Fire blog. To check Perky Bros portfolio visit their website.