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I’m really excited to show you the moodboards I’ve been working on with one of my sweet clients. While I absolutely love wall mounted inspiration boards, creating them digitally is so much easier and faster. I create digital mood boards for most projects. All my branding, collateral or wedding stationery project always, always start with a mood board. I love them. They help me define the visual direction of a brand, sort through my ideas and show clients my creative vision. They act as a guideline and they help with brand consistency.

A mood board is a combination of imagery, typography, colors and textures that define the style of the project and serve as a reference point. It is a tool for creatives and clients that conveys a design idea, moods, feelings and direction that are hard to communicate. For me, the mood boards are incredible tools in my work with clients. They help me think big and guide me along the way.  Check them out.


Sunnies | Fashion | Summer Fun | Mood Board by IwonaK.com

Happy | Color | Style | Mood Board by IwonaK.com

Today I’m feeling a bit nostalgic… Browsing the web I stumbled upon Voque to find out that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has unveiled a sleepwear collection for Autograph at Marks & Spencer. Not a big deal I guess but this store has been a part of my life while back when I lived in Belgium and I used to shop in it regularly. I used to stock up for a lot of things at M&S from lingerie to party supplies, to shoes, and birthday gifts. Their food was pretty tasty too. Anyways, I would definitely purchase some of those amazing outfits (especially cashmere) perfect for lounging about on a Sunday morning….RosieHuntingtonWhiteleyForMarks&Spencer

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Autograph at Marks & Spencer via Vogue

Nail art seems to be a huge trend these days and I’m so inspired by it. I don’t often paint my nails as my lifestyle doesn’t allow it (too busy with my twins) but if I could I would totally rock some of the amazing creations you see just about everywhere.

Queen of nails, Madeline Poole, is definitely my favorite to watch. This celebrity manicurist and nail art
trendsetter is one of the most notable rising stars in the industry. Her colorful designs are jaw-dropping and
you can spother work in various commercials, videos, and editorials. Search for her tutorials, you will not be
disappointed. Her blog is a feast for all nail art lovers, and you can check out her editorial looks at mpnails.com.