I have been seeing these lovely cards on Pinterest lately. They are so beautiful… Designed for an orthopedic
surgeon, they’re very feminine and delicate. The composition of colors, graphics and lines is very inspiring.
Don’t you think? It makes me want to work on my branding now…


Designed by  Valeria Moreiro.

1213 Seattle Symphony brochure cover by Iwona Konarski

1213 Seattle Symphony brochure inside pages by Iwona Konarski

1213 Seattle Symphony brochure pages by Iwona Konarski

Today, I wanted to share with you a brochure I recently completed for the Seattle Symphony. You can see a sneak preview of it here. On the cover I featured the Symphony’s tagline – Listen Boldly – which was designed as a logo and paired with artsy watercolor. The mood for this season was joyful, romantic, welcoming with bold typography, bright color palette and large artist photos. Turns out, working with color makes me so excited! Working on something this cheery was definitely refreshing and it will be so much fun for the remaining of the season. I had lots of fun with watercolors and this whole do-it-yourself thing was a blast. This was a really fun project to work on and it might be my favorite design to date.

Simon Woods, Seattle Symphony Executive Director, calls this season “… a simply sensational season. … The programing is inspiring, innovative and stimulating, and with a big emphasis on informality and accessibility. … another exciting validation of the tremendous energy that we and so many others are experiencing under Ludovic Morlot’s leadership.” Looks like 2012-2013 season will be amazing! Please come to Benaroya Hall to listen to fantastic music and check my designs in person.

To see the whole brochure head over to issuu.

Kinfolk Dinner Series first dinner in portland oregon

I have been inspired by Kinfolk’s enviable posts and publications for quite some time now. Naturally I’m loving their dinner series tour. Their first series event was held in Portland, Oregon. The folks at Kinfolk partnered with some great local businesses and looks like the event was exceptional.


2012 Ruche lookbook Enchantement

Let’s start this morning with this beautiful Spring Lookbook from Shop Ruche – one of my favorite place to shop! Ruche just launched their newest lookbook and I’m completely enchanted. Gorgeous photography taken by Elizabeth Messina is so dreamy and romantic, I feel like I’m being wisped away to fairy tale… sweet, simple, vintage inspired style yet so fresh… Check out the entire lookbook here!

1213 Seattle Symphony Season Brochure Cover and Inside pages

I thought I’d pop in and share with you a sneak of this brochure! Just got it back from the printer and I’m thrilled to finally have it in my hands. It’s so bright and colorful and sooo different than anything I have done in the past. It’s been my life for the last few months – in the making since September! I promise to take more photos and published them here soon. See ya!

Take a look at a new project I just wrapped up! This custom website was designed for clients that wanted to showcase their beautiful home located in Tacoma, Washington. This custom built in 2009 home is an entirely green, fully self-sustaining habitat and is currently for sale. Check it out!

The website reflects the aesthetics of their home, it is clean, simple and easy to navigate. The contact form makes it easy for visitors to get in touch and there is plenty of beautiful images in the gallery.


Art Direction and Design: Iwona Konarski  //  Photography: Angela & Evan Photography  //  Visit website: verdanthometacoma.com

Ombre split ink letterpress invitations by iwonak.com |  #ombre #vellumenvelopes #letterpress #splitink #invitation #galainvitation #iwonak #seattledesigner #seattlestationery #seattleweddinginvitations #wedding #stationery #vellum

split-ink-letterpress-invitations-by-iwonak.com |  #ombre #letterpress #splitink #invitation #galainvitation #iwonak #seattledesigner #seattlestationery #seattleweddinginvitations #wedding #stationeryOmbre split ink letterpress invitations by iwonak.com |  #ombre #vellumenvelopes #letterpress #splitink #invitation #galainvitation #iwonak #seattledesigner #seattlestationery #seattleweddinginvitations #wedding #stationery #vellum

split ink letterpress invitations by iwonak.com |  #ombre #letterpress #splitink #invitation #galainvitation #iwonak #seattledesigner #seattlestationery #seattleweddinginvitations #wedding #stationery #vellumOmbre split ink letterpress invitations by iwonak.com |  #ombre #vellumenvelopes #letterpress #splitink #invitation #galainvitation #iwonak #seattledesigner #seattlestationery #seattleweddinginvitations #wedding #stationery #vellum #closeupOmbre split ink letterpress invitations by iwonak.com |  #ombre #savethedate #letterpress #splitink #invitation #galainvitation #iwonak #seattledesigner #seattlestationery #seattleweddinginvitations #wedding #stationery

Have you heard of split ink? I haven’t until a few months ago when I spotted some inspirations on Pinterest. Of course, I had to try it! Ombre has been such an influence in fashion I had to try it on paper. Perfect project came along and voila! The most awesome ombre gala invitations are here. They are slightly larger than standard invitation (A8) as I felt the floral illustrations and the amount of text needed some room to breath.

I designed the invitations to be printed with a split ink fountain using yellow and red inks which blended to a bright orange in the middle – check them out below, the results are stunning. To maximize the drama I  paired them with orange vellum envelopes and really love how they grab the the attention.